CrewTips, an application for airline crew

CrewTips is based on the idea from Pieter Boeve and Gerben Los, both pilots at KLM. They have been dreaming and talking about an application for airline crew members. The idea is to fill the gap between flights. As many of us know, airline crew members have a different lifestyle then let's say a regular job. 

The application

Today our dream has become a reality. The application is real and is available in the App Store. Untill today there are already 6.000 members active on the application. The application as mentioned before fills the "gap" in between flights. The application let's you connect with friends or other airline crew members. You can arrange a meeting with them, find out who is at your location and find interesting hotspots in the area. 

For the community

We don't want to tell you that the application is a finished product, it is a product which we continue to develop to the needs of our community. We listen to your idea's and suggestions and implement these when they are an added value for the community. 

Download the app:

CrewTips App Store