CrewTips, a pilot application

CrewTips is based on the ideas from Pieter Boeve and Gerben Los, airline pilots at KLM. For years they have been thinking about a platform where crewmembers can connect with eachother. The application gives the ability to share interesting places, called Tips. These Tips are available for all other users / members. The application gives the airline members suggestions, the possibility to meet friends, let their colleagues know on which flight they are, give them information about the location they are going too, … and much more.

The application

A couple years ago this all started as an idea, today it is as good as a finished product. The application already has over 6.000 members. These members made part of the test panel to find possible bugs. The application is now out of beta and ready for the big launch. The basics are there, the list of features is endless. The application is custom tailored for airline pilots and members. If you are not an airline pilot this application won’t give extra added value. For airline members on the other hand this application is live changing.

For the community

The application is still open for changes and new features. We want to listen to our users and implement changes to make their life easier in foreign locations. The possibilities for this application are endless. It is also interesting for restaurant, bars, hotels, safari touroperators, … and many others to be active on the application. We give these type of companies the freedom to add their location for free or chose for a advertising campaign. Once the location is added this place becomes available for all members of the CrewTips application. 

Download the app

CrewTips App Store