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CrewTips - Flights


Add your flights in the CrewTips applications so your friends can see where you are going. If you add a flight you give other members the possibility to add you as a friend or arrange a meet-up with you.

When you add your flight you can check all the so called "Tips" at the locations. See "Tips" for more information! 

CrewTips - Tips


You found a hotspot? Cool! Let's add this tip for everyone. Feel free to add new locations (tips) or register your venue on CrewTips. Share the locations and give your friends the opportunity to get familiar with your favorite places.  

  • Food
  • Culture
  • Nightlife
  • Leisure
  • Beauty & Welness
  • Shopping
  • Lodging
  • Transport
CrewTips - Reviews


Review the places you visit, share your experiences with the airline community. We love our community and we like to hear your toughts about the Tips you visit. With your reviews we can enrich our community. Spread the word and recommand the location you like to your friends.

CrewTips - Friends


Connect and meet with your friends or other airline members. You have the freedom to freely add friends. Share your flights and meet new friends! Spread the love. Did you know you can also chat with eachother? Feel free to do so.

Invite your friends now for a meet-up! 

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