Often crew nighstopguide-info is found shattered all over various websites. We have developed a solution. Almost every airline crew- or staffmember nowadays has a smartphone, and CrewTips has launched an iPhone (v2) and an Android (v1) App.

CrewTips is the leading guide for and by airline crew to find what they can do and where they can eat in the cities they visit. With CrewTips you can easily find restaurants, nightlife, and many things to do at destination. Consult the tips offline, rate them and add your own tip for other crews in a jiffy.

In the future most of the companies that appear in the app will give a discount for you as Airline Staff if you show them your Airline ID, or the authorized version of the App.

Our growing collection of tips consists already of more than 1500 tips in about 165 cities worldwide and is growing continuously as airline staff can submit their own Tips in a click.